Employee outsourcing

Are you thinking about legal employment of foreigners in your company? Do you want to reduce your operating costs? You do not have time to organize recruitment and deal with formal issues? The service of external employment, i.e. employee outsourcing, was created just for you.

Properly qualified personnel is the basis of a stable company. Dynamic changes on the Polish labor market very often make it difficult to find a sufficient number of employees or people with appropriate qualifications. Recruitment processes consume more and more time and are associated with increasing expenses. Therefore, employers are more and more willing to opt for employee outsourcing, which allows them to reduce the company’s costs and manage it more efficiently. It is worth noting that hiring employees is a package of benefits not only for employers, but also for the employees themselves.

For whom?

Employee outsourcing is a solution that works best in those industries where staff shortages directly threaten the stabilization of the company’s operations and maintaining their continuity. The subcontract allows the entire production and operational processes to be transferred to an employment agency that provides appropriate employees. However, outsourcing is not only about personnel. In the package with employees, you also receive the necessary training, medical examinations as well as supervision and optimization of work results.

Do you have any questions?

What can we do for you?

Our company can take over all of the employer’s obligations, which means that:

  • We choose and recruit best employees for you for the designated positions.
  • We take care of all the formal issues (work and residence permits in Poland).
  • We maintain HR and payroll documentation.
  • We execute contracts.
  • We settle sick leaves, holiday leases, health and social insurance contributions.
  • We organise the necessary trainings (including OHS training).
  • We supervise the employees.

What do you gain?

External employment, i.e. personnel outsourcing allows for reducing burden on the company with respect to the obligations related to employment and focus on meeting strategic goals and business assumptions.

  • You save time.
  • You increase the potential of important divisions in your company (HR, accounting).
  • You reduce administrative and recruitment costs.
  • You have greater flexibility in staffing work positions.
  • You reduce costs related to employee absences (holiday and sick leaves).
  • Your employees become more productive.

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