Your success is our goal

We are a nationwide temporary work agency with over 20 years of experience in the labor market. We specialize in hiring foreigners. Thanks to our network of international contacts, we have almost unlimited access to workers from all over the world. Among our services you will find: recruitment, staff leasing, personnel consultancy, HR and tax services, specialized trainings and comprehensive care for foreign staff who are looking for legal residence and employment in Poland.

Our offer is a response to the changing situation on the labor market in Europe. We create jobs for foreigners, while helping them adapt to Polish conditions. Thanks to a network of international contacts that we have been building for over 20 years, we can find reliable and appropriate employees for you even at the end of the world!

3500+ employees

We employ over 3,500 employees

13 branches

We have 13 branches in Poland

15 countries

We recruit employees from 15 countries

4000 beds

We offer and service over 4,000 beds throughout Poland

Do you need help finding the right employees?

We will find the right employees for you

New employee recruitment markets and remuneration systems help us minimize job rotation. We create jobs for foreigners while helping them to adapt to Polish conditions.

Proper care of our staff and the incentive systems we implement allow us to achieve better efficiency, higher production quality, and the highest attendance.

We will ensure the stabilization of your company

We support companies operating in our country that employ foreigners (or have the intention to do so) and need help from a professional agency with experience. We give our clients and employees a sense of security.

A satisfied employee means stability of employment, high work efficiency and its higher efficiency.