Our goal is your success.

We are a nationwide group of companies with over 27 years of experience on the Polish market. We specialize in supporting Polish production companies. We specialize in the food industry, but we also get to know other sectors with curiosity and the desire for continuous development. Thanks to the network of international contacts, we have almost unlimited access to employees from all over the world, which allows us to build competent teams and, as a result, provide services of the highest quality. Among our services you will find, among others: implementation of production processes, recruitment, consultancy in the field of training and personnel management, HR and tax services, specialized training and comprehensive care for companies planning to employ foreign personnel.

Our offer is a response to the changing situation on the labor market in Europe. We support the dynamics of Polish production by improving the implementation of production processes and we create jobs for foreigners. Thanks to the network of international contacts, reliable and competent employees, which has been built for over 27 years, we can effectively perform the assigned tasks!

3500+ employees

We employ over 3,500 employees

13 branches

We have 13 branches in Poland

15 countries

We recruit employees from 15 countries

4000 beds

We offer and service over 4,000 beds throughout Poland

Do you want to hand over your production processes to good hands?

Do you want to hand over your production processes to good hands?

If you cannot ensure the full occupancy of the machine park, you lack the resources to fulfill the inflowing orders, we are the perfect solution for you. Most of our customers who choose to outsource their primary or secondary manufacturing processes usually cannot balance their workload when volumes fluctuate, both up and down.

Solano Group is specialized in delivering maximum results in terms of speed, quality and handling of production processes for our clients.

We will ensure the stabilization of your company.

We support production companies operating in our country.
We employ staff from 4 continents, matching the innate predispositions and qualifications of people to the services we provide.

For years, we have also been working on improving the skills of our supervisory staff, training the production staff and developing a remuneration model. These activities result in low team turnover and thus we guarantee high productivity and quality of our services. We give a sense of security to our clients and employees.

Continuous improvement means stability of task execution, high efficiency and effectiveness.